1. They say those who can do and those who can't teach....well today I met a man who does both....Extremely well !!

    As a mediocre Game shooter I want to improve ...I have dithered about lessons but stuck my neck out and booked a day with Brian....Boy oh Boy am I pleased ....from start to finish I learned so much from someone who knows Shooting so well and is happy to share his knowledge and encouragement.

    Learning smooth swings, gun position, slower but positive gun mounting was wonderful and I have come away feeling much more positive and relaxed...and with a greater awareness of what I am doing.

    If you want to enjoy your shooting and improve ...whether Clays or Game..I would seriously recommend spending some time with Brian ...he is good fun ...even for a Yorkshireman...I did not cry all day...indeed my jaw hurts from smiling so much.

    Cannot recommend him highly enough and have already made a
    diary note for more lessons after I have got to grips with his initial teaching.

    Thanks Brian ....really appreciate your skills and input ...PHIL JACKMAN

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  2. I decided to contact Brian after a recommendation from a couple of friends.i had been doing okay with my shooting, but having returned from the second lockdown, things took a turn for the worse, and I was getting frustrated. I was not maintaining my score but getting worse which is frustrating. I had a half day with Brian; learned quite a bit about myself and what needed to be addressed.
    The session was casual, laid back and delivered in a way that helped me recognise when things are not quire right, something I have struggled to comprehend in the past.
    So far, so good, things are on the up.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending him for advice/coaching.
    And, he is a nice fella too !

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  3. Having shot for a fair few years I’d got to a point where I was struggling to find a target here and there to build a good score. Brian took me out on a course and picked up improvements to hold point and ways to improve mount and swing to get greater consistency. Really helpful and explained where you can tweak how you approach the birds and can increase repeatability. Then sent you on some pairs outside your comfort zone, let me shoot a few then advised where to alter different things about the approach to make things outside your comfort zone fall well within it!

    Can’t rate highly enough and a really nice bloke to boot.

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  4. Being relatively new to shooting, I thought I would benefit from a days 1-2-1 coaching. How right I was!! Brian tells it how it is. Simple straight up instruction. Getting you to work things out yourself with a nudge in the right direction. Just o er half a day was spent on numerous different targets at Coniston. During coffee breaks the instruction continues through theory and chat. Then back out to the ground to put it into practice.

    I did not think such a difference could be made in a day. The next weekend I noticed lines I never noticed before, saw targets in a different light and hit things earlier despite swinging slower?? I hit my best score to date and at Catton the week later...what a difference. My last visit nearly had me hanging up my gun. This time I was hitting long crossers, high tower, below my feet. All birds I had no idea with before. Didn't hit everything, but it's a work in progress and the improvement is astounding. Its given me a new outlook, seeing what is possible.

    As you can see it was a hit with me. Cant reccomend Brian enough. Great prices, great bloke and the reat results that speak for themselves.

    Will be back soon.

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  5. Great day & coaching session with Brian he certainly knows his stuff i felt i needed the coaching to improve & after spending a few hours with Brian he gave me valuable advice which on the day really did improve my shooting, hopefully i can now take this away & continue to improve

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  6. Had a fantastic coaching session with Brian been shooting a while and felt like I needed a push in the right direction the confidence he instilled I'm sure will make a huge difference to scores should have done it long time ago. Thanks again Brian

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  7. Being relatively new to the sport and following a succession of frustrating trips to my local clay ground, despite a promising start, I decided to go in search of a coach to put me on the right path. So after a little research and more than one person recommending him, I settled on Brian, even though it would entail a drive of nearly ninety minutes to meet him at Fauxdegla. To say I'm happy I did, is an understatement.
    The half day lesson started with a chat over a bacon butty about what I wanted to get out of the session and once established, it was time to start. From the outset, Brian explained everything clearly and simply, to the point you think "why didn't I think of that". Throughout the day I graduated from single targets to doubles and got more and more confident and left having learnt so much.
    No matter your skill level or direction you want your shooting to go, if you want to learn, if you want to get better then Brian is your man, you won't be disappointed.

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  8. Last weekend I had a full days shooting lesson with Brian. I’ve owned my own gun for a couple of years but I didn’t feel like I was getting any better and have been quite frustrated finding out what the problem was. Within in 20 minutes Brain gave me the missing piece of the puzzle, correctly the way I was setting up and bingo… it all started to fit into place. Brian continued to explain the best way to do things, give encouragement when deserved and correction when needed. I have had a couple of hour lessons in the past and felt talk down to, like I should know all the terminology etc… Brian didn’t for one second do any of that and the days tuition was fun and very helpful. Thanks Brian.

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  9. Went to meet Brain for first time for my 10 year old son . Brian explained in 10 year old language to hit the clays and Fraser did with a great big grin worth the time effort and enjoyed every minute going back to enjoy more banter and professional expertise thanks for a great time Glen Jones banker of the day for son Fraser

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  10. Had a full day coaching with Brian last week and absolutely loved it! I've been shooting for a while now but felt I needed a boost to improve my scores. Brian has a relaxed, friendly approach and he explains everything clearly and simply. After a brief discussion about my shooting history we went out and after going through gun fit & eye dominance we got cracking with the shooting. The focus was on practicing a good technique and giving you the tools and the confidence to get smashing some clays. It never feels forced or that there's a set regime that he goes through with everyone, it feels bespoke and evolves throughout the lesson. If you're looking for a coach I would highly recommend getting in touch with Brian, I really can't imagine anyone being disappointed. He's a lovely bloke and he knows his stuff.

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  11. Having shot for a few years, had a few lessons with other coaches, but never progressed I thought I'd give Brian a try. Having spent a day with him I can honestly say it was money well spent.
    The advice is clear, direct to the point and concise. When you're doing something wrong he lets you know, but then gives you constructive ways of correcting the problem. I now know exactly what I have to do to improve and can practise good technique. I'll definitely be back for more lessons.

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  12. I had my first lesson with Brian a couple of days ago at Fauxdegla. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed it and i'm sure it will be the first of many.
    The amount of great advise i came away with just in a half day's lesson was unreal. Brian really is a great coach and it's great to see those clays turn to dust just by putting his advise into action.

    Thanks Again!

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  13. I've been shooting for about 18 months now and have taken tuition from brian on a number of occasions. If you look down the vast list of testimonials before this, there is little to add. Friendly, patient, knowledgable and typically Yorkshire are all adjectives to describe Brian. As a special basket case in clay shooting, I have continued to make steady progress, had class wins and continue to learn with the help of Brian. One thing to add, is to watch Brian shoot.... It's lovely thing to behold seeing how it should be done ! I really can't recommend this guy enough - you won't regret it.

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  14. Having only been shooting a few months I was past Brian's details as I was looking for lessons. Brian put me at ease immediately and did nothing but offer encouragement and praise the entire lesson. He made me realise that getting back to basics and making sure you had them mastered was the key to becoming a good shooter. He also helped me realise where I was making mistakes and how to solve them.
    I'm writing this one week after my lesson and having just taken part in my first competition. I finished the day with a score of 46 ex 50 putting me in a 4 way shoot of with far more experienced shooters. Unfortunately I dropped a shot and finished in second place which I was over the moon with considering iv got nowhere near that before my lesson. You really would be spending your money wisely having a lesson with Brian and in my opinion the improvement it made to my shooting I'd of happily paid twice what I did.
    Brian's a great coach and a great guy... I'll definitely be having more lessons

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  15. I have been shooting clays for a while and have swapped over from trap shooting to English Sporting which I have taken to and have had ok scores at registered comps.

    After taking other people's recommendations, I shared a full days coaching at Fauxdegla. I found Brian to be very down to earth and soon felt at ease with his easy going manner.

    Brian is very good at explaining skills and techniques that work well for each individual. By sharing a lesson, you can see and understand how he can adapt to individual requirements.

    With this in mind I have decided to commit to regular session with Brian as my coach of choice.

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  16. I decided to see if I liked clay pigeon shooting and thought it would be best to have a lesson. I searched on t'interweb and found recommendations for Brian who was local to me so contacted him and booked. I met him at Fauxdegla and had an excellent 1/2 day with him. He is down to earth, and a spade is a spade with him (Yorksire man :-) ) which is great. I was prepared to listen, and as such, I learnt from him and will be booking with him again. Thanks Brian - I am off to fill out my license application form now.

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  17. We've just had a coaching session with Brian and can highly recommend him as a coach.
    Brian is not only a talented shot but is also able to teach and communicate with people at all levels of skill and age.
    My daughter and I started on the skeet range where Brian immediately pointed out some flaws in our stances & techniques and corrected them.
    We then moved on to the sporting layout where after a couple of stands Brain convinced us both to try a leap of faith and shoot both eyes open. A literal eye-opening experience!
    Both of enjoyed our lesson and learned a lot. I can't recommend a session with Brian enough! We'll definitely have another in the near future!


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  18. Iv had two lessons with Brian, Great easy going chap, I have been shooting for years but iv been slowly missing more and more, clays and game, Brian soon sorted out the problem. money well spent. Thanks again

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  19. This morning I had the opportunity to have a fourth shooting lesson with Brian Clegg (Beretta on these boards).

    I've tried, assiduously, to employ everything he's taught me in the previous two half-days and one full day I've had with him, but, as a still comparatively new shooter (now nearly a year since I started shooting clays), you'll perhaps appreciate that there's still a raft of things I can do better, and methods which will improve my scores and general ability to smash clays. Today was such a day.

    We (me, Jim and Phil) were batting at Worsley Shooting Ground, and the only other part of the ground being used (and quite heavily, at that) was the corporate section: so we had the main shooting ground to ourselves - unhurried, not rushed, take your time on each clay, discuss what you did both right and wrong, try again - in short, the time to concentrate and get your game right with Brian's expert advice. How it should be when you're under instruction.

    Now bearing in mind that Brian has probably forgotten more about shooting clays than I'll ever know, I can't emphasise highly enough his ease of teaching technique - clays I was already hitting, I was shown by him, could have been hit better (better/more convincing breaks) and with greater economy of gun swing and effort - and therefore efficiency. And where I still struggled, he stepped in, using my gun, and killed the bird so far earlier than I was, and with such élan and ease, I was prompted to see if I could mend my ways and do better. Again, this was not a chore, but a welcome lesson. There were at least five stands where I'd been doing "all right", but once he'd explained how to read the bird, it's proper pick-up and hold point, tracking it, match its speed, pass it, how to cut out dealing with two sets of lead and only having to deal with one set of lead... bingo! The lights came on. I insisted on shooting these birds until I could change my old way of killing them to his more efficient and logical way of growing a better kill rate. And it worked!

    For anyone who's shot it, we were shooting the reg comp course from the 27th May - and you'll know that there are some damned tricky birds designed to test you - and if you get it wrong, you will miss them. All three of us who were shooting today proved this to be the case - and then Brian worked with each of us to ensure that after some advice, we were hitting pairs on report with regularity - how to remember the shot image, and repeat it.

    I've still got what I call a bunch of 'schoolboy errors' (basics, in other words) to sort out where my shooting's concerned - but, I'm happy that I have a coach of the highest pedigree who can help me address them. This will not be a short process, and I look forward to my next session with Brian, as there are still a few bogey birds with which I struggle. These will need a dedicated, one-on-one coaching session.

    The light went on for me when it dawned on me that it would not take only one lesson to address a whole range of "could do better"s in my shooting. After all, you can't and won't be able to speak fluent French or drive a car after only one lesson: the same is true of shooting.

    Book this guy whilst he's available - I can all but guarantee he'll transform your shooting scores.

    Thanks again Brian, I learnt a lot today - hopefully I can recreate it during this weekend's shoots.

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  20. I started clay shooting about 16 months ago and was making slow progress in all areas. Having previously been a rifle shooter I was struggling with the concept of adding lead into the shotgun scenarios.

    I had seen Brian's web site a couple of months ago, and after a poor shoot last weekend I made contact and arranged an afternoons instruction.
    I arrived at Fauxdegla yesterday at Midday, (I had not been there before and was very impressed at the facilities) it was misty and cold and there was plenty of evidence of the recent heavy snow. I met Brian and we had a brew and a chat about what I was hoping to achieve from the afternoon.
    The next four hours were highly enjoyable, Brian's very relaxed style of instruction contained lots of important information on stance and gun hold, how to look for the clays and how to read them for the successful shot.

    There was a good balance of how to do it with Brian's help, and also an important element of self analysis as to why a shot was missed. It will be this that helps self improvement when he is not there to guide you.

    The afternoon was nicely broken by welcome brew breaks where Brian's feedback and general depth of knowledge
    helped to answer the many questions I had asked.

    I wish I had done the afternoon 12 months ago, instead of blowing expensive holes in the sky and missing clays, spend some time with a first class instructor and learn how things should be done from someone who has been there and done it.

    I will return in a couple of months or so for a further session.

    Highly recommended.


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  21. Well what a fantastic day at faux.
    I've seen how much Bren has come on in recent weeks. While some of that is his dogged persistence at shooting several times a week, by his own admission, some of this has undoubtedly been due his coaching sessions with Brian Clegg.

    Arrived just before 10 and after introductions and a cup of coffee, off we went ! The weather was cold (with a bit of snow), but very shootable weather.

    Kicked off with a couple of skeet stations and the usual story of lead, more lead began. My demons were laid on the table long distance crossers, teal, loopers et al ! So - we shot them ... And I started to hit them... Consistently too.

    I've been coached before and there was a clear difference today. The man talking to me knew how to explain the clay and how it shoot it. The discussion points were well made and the detail was spot on. After I listened, I put that into practise and invariably I killed those blasted demon clays.

    For those who haven't met Brian - I should say he is such an interesting chap - a typically selfless Yorkshire chap and so patient (now there is an oxymoron there lol !). He really has a talent beyond his historic clay shooting achievements. To be able to teach like this is to be celebrated, and I will be back.

    If you've never had any coaching - try Brian - you might even surprise yourself !

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  22. Thoroughly enjoyed our tuition with Brian at MCSC at Worsley today. He is very knowledgeable and has a friendly and calming way about him. He really helped both myself and my wife get our techniques improved - now lots of practice needed. By the end of the session we were both hitting clays that had eluded us previously.
    A Big thank you Brian from us both we will be back and hopefully with an improved technique.
    Money well spent. Book him now!

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  23. Like all new shooters, I was having trouble with lead when addressing crossers. Couldn't hit a one, always shooting behind and below them.

    So, after I'd heard his name recommended on our shooting forum, www.smashingclays.co.uk, I decided that enough was enough and contacted Brian to see if he could fit me in for a half-day's tuition - and I was in luck!

    He immediately puts you at ease, asks you where you think you need work (everything from gun mount, to stance, to shooting the gun at various targets), and then goes about systematically correcting where you need work to the point where you will be hitting those clays which had previously been eluding you.

    I came out of our session buzzing having learnt a new skill and hitting clays which I'd previously not even been in the same postcode as!

    Going back for another lesson and bringing my wife so she can take advantage of Brian's knowledge, skill and experience.

    My advice, book him for a session - it's money well spent and your shooting will improve - I can guarantee it!

    Thanks again Brian and see you soon.


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  24. What a cracking day with the tuition from Brian , a full days shoot at fauxdegla shooting grounds, he is as patient as a saint , teaching me indepth techniques with lead on shooting clays, anyone who has ever thought of one to one clay coaching Brian is the guy to do this , he really knows his stuff with many many years of experience behind him, a big thank you once again :)

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  25. I have now had 3 lessons with Brian and I can't recommend him enough.

    I was a novice shooter when I went for my first lesson and although I understood some of the basics, Brian really helped me to understand things properly. We have shot all types of targets and presentations and Brian's way of breaking down the shot into a process is really helping me. He is very patient and understanding (even when dealing with a novice like me) and has a way of helping his pupils to relax and feel comfortable.

    Brian has also helped me with my gun fit, which despite being 'fitted' in the shop wasn't right for me at all.

    Since having lessons from Brian I have joined the CPSA and have entered a couple of competitions and my shooting is getting better and better.

    As long as I remember Brian's words of wisdom I shouldn't go too far wrong. Just a matter of putting it all into practice when he isn't there!

    As mentioned, I would recommend Brian to anyone male or female and of any level of shooting. Not only has he vast experience, but he can impart that knowledge very well.

    Thanks again Brian!


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  26. Brian, could I say a huge thank you for the time you spent with myself and my son Jack today at Fauxdegla. As virtual novices to the sport, your wealth of knowledge was obvious, but, more importantly, your ability to explain and impart that knowledge was first class. You have a very relaxed and easy manner, and we enjoyed the banter.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone who is looking for lessons to contact you. Top bloke!
    Thanks again.
    Regards, Andrew and Jack

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  27. We had a full day tuition with Brian at Fauxdegla and I cannot recommend him enough.
    He is very patient and informative and really really knows his stuff.
    When he dissects the basics of clay shooting it all becomes a lot more simple and we both feel far more confident now.
    We will certainly be back for more lessons.
    Thank you Brian!

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  28. Spent an enjoyable morning with Brian and the sprog at Catton Hall.

    Using Brian to teach the lad the finer points of safety and clay shooting.

    Brian has an excellent manner with the youngsters and takes the matter very seriouly but makes it enjoyable for them.

    I can thourouhly recomend Brian and his approach, and an added advantage is that he will travel to the ground of your choice and he is very reasonably priced.

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  29. Spent an enjoyable afternoon with Brian at Fauxdegla, North wales.
    What can I say about his coaching, well I'll sum it up in one word, 'Excellent'.

    Brian has a way of getting the best out of people whilst making it fun at the same time.

    Helped me a lot with my problem target, and got me hitting it consistently within an hour of getting to the ground.

    Highly recommended if your looking for a coach in the North Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire area, you won't find better.

    Thanks Brian.

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  30. Brian,
    Thought I would update you on my progress since we had a couple of coaching sessions recently. As you know my shooting had become static and I was having problems with long targets, fast crossing, and overhead quartering targets. Our session last week really saw me make significant improvements. Many things seemed to "click" and make sense. I have shot twice since then. I have posted a good score at Worsley at the weekend (on the English selection course), and then my best score ever by 8 shots at Catton today. Your help has been invaluable, as it has not just shown me how to hit targets, but given me the tools to work this out for myself, and to make suitable alterations when I am missing a target.
    Thanks once again for your help.

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  31. Had some tuition with Brian as I was having problems with a specific target. He arranged for a couple of traps to be set up so we could work on how I could best break it.
    With his guidance I was soon breaking my problem clay and went away knowing how to deal with it in future.
    Very highly recommended.

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  32. We had a days coaching off Brian. He is very informative and patient, the advice and direction he has given has undoubtedly improved our shooting.

    He quickly identified issues with our technique and gun fitting, with his guidance and practice our shooting will improve no end.

    We will be returning for another days coaching at the end of the summer, what more of an endorsement can I give.

    Mike & Dawn

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  33. Excellent day's coaching with Brian last Saturday, the pearls of wisdom he imparted were definitely worth the (very reasonable) price of admission.

    Highly recommended for all shooters wishing to learn from a seasoned professional.

    We will be back for another session before too long.

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  34. The shooting bug bit me almost a year ago, and I sought out lessons in the basics at my local ground to get me started.
    A year on and my scores had plateaued and I wanted to start to compete in competitions but lacked the consistency and confidence to do so. Asking around for someone who could help and Brian's name regularly cropped up so I took the plunge and had a days coaching with Brian at Fauxdegla.
    Brians easy going and friendly approach soon had me feeling at ease. His patience and words of wisdom soon had me understanding what he was trying to get me to do, and sure enough I started hitting targets I had found difficult, with consistency.
    I emphasise that Brian is not just a teacher but a coach - he imparts not just the hows but the whys, and along with his many years of experience come many useful tips, and tricks that top shooters use to regularly hit their targets.
    I now have things to work on for the next few months that I am convinced will add kills to my card. I can thoroughly recommend Brian. I have no doubt I will keep in touch and use his services again in the future. It was money well spent.
    Thanks Brian - I will keep you informed of my progress.
    "Big" Andy

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  35. Being a novice shotgun shooter, I asked at my local Clay Shooting ground for a good coach and Brian was recommended immediately.

    After a couple of lessons with Brian I now feel ready to move up a gear in terms of performance and scores. He was able to provide me with techniques, hints and tips and that are going to prove invaluable to structured progression and I'm looking forward to putting them into practice over the next few shoots.

    Brian's coaching style is relaxed and patient and I'm sure will benefit shooters at all levels and not just novice shooters like myself.

    I can recommend Brian without hesitation.

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  36. I have shot sporadically over the past year or so and I have only recently bought my own gun and started to shoot regularly / take it a bit more seriously. So, I thought it was about time to seek some professional help and advice.

    I have a few trusted friends that have used (and still use) Brian and they recommended him to me.

    What can I say!?! He is a real delight to have lessons with - very friendly, helpful and professional. He explains things clearly, concisely and in a straightforward no-nonsense style!

    He has definitely helped to improve my shooting and I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their skills.

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  37. I am very new to shotgun shooting having only been to my local ground Llandegla Shooting, now called Fauxdegla, 3 times. After missing far more than I hit, I thought it was time to get some lessons in.

    I am a keen member of a few shooting forums, and a few people suggested Brian, so I booked a full days lesson with Brian.

    Well what can I say, he is a true Gent and you can ask away all those questions that have been keeping you awake at night :-), Brian is an excellent instructor and the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say, my shooting improved a good 100%, this was all down to Brians great tips and help. Also his lessons are a bargain especially when you shop around and see what some clubs charge just for a 1 hour lesson.

    So if you shoot for fun or want to be at the next Olympics, I'm sure some lessons from Brian will help your shooting, so make that call now, but be warned as you improve this shooting lark can get very adictive, now if only we could get lessons on the NHS :-)

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  38. Last week a friend and I booked Brian to share a full day's shooting lesson. Immediately he made us feel relaxed, and within half an hour our shooting had improved drastically, all from simple, easy to understand information and tips. Brian takes you through your shooting at your own pace, explaining things clearly and in layman's terms.

    After the day we both agreed that it was the best money we've ever spent on our clay shooting and have already booked another lesson with Brian next month.

    Ainsley, Staffordshire

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  39. I have just had a half day coaching from Brian and can only reiterate what others have said about him. He is an excellent coach with bags of patience. I would certainly recommend him to anyone. He even text me the following day reminding me of what he had told me to practice and said if I wanted any further advice just give him a call. A nice guy and very professional.

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  40. I chose to have a preliminary lesson with Brian, followed a few months later by a full day session. In the preliminary lesson, he quickly pointed out a few bad habits and examples of poor technique that were undoubtedly costing me clays. It isn't easy to take everything on board at once, so I spent the next couple of months gradually working through each of my faults until I felt that I had mastered them. In the meantime I also attempted to switch my stance from gun up to gun down, with disastrous results. I mentioned this to Brian on my full day session and he had me shooting gun down within minutes. I don't know what I was doing wrong when I tried it myself, but he made it seem rather simple. I find it remarkable how he can instantly pick up any imperfection, nothing seems to get by him at all. He has a knack of instilling confidence too, and I feel that he has brought me on to a technical level that would be hard to improve on. I now just need practice and a wider experience, and I need to solve a few concentration issues. It is significant that the very next day after my full day session, I won B Class at a far from easy registered competition. A talented coach and a remarkable shot. Coupled with the fact that he's also a very nice bloke, you can't go far wrong here. Thoroughly recommended.

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  41. Had my first lesson with Brian as a complete beginner and was hooked. He explains things extremely well in his own down to earth way and soon gets you breaking clays. My shooting has improved massively since visiting him and it's reassuring to know you're being coached by someone who has competed and won at the highest level. I'll be going back.
    Anyone thinking of tuition should give him a call, beginner or experienced shooter.

    scott, lancaster.

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  42. "Had a very informative and helpful lesson from Brian today. I just want to thank him for his patience and recommend him to anyone,whether you are just starting out or climbing further up the tree. His analytical skills are top drawer,nothing at all gets past him - amazing really. Something I should have done months ago when I first started on clays. I now know exactly what I have to work on before my next lesson. Cheers Roger"

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  43. "After quite a number of years break from shooting,my partner and I decided to take up the sport as a hobby again. We tried,but did not hit much and to say the least we had forgotten some of the basic skills. We therefore decided that some lessons would not go amiss and contacted Brian for some tuition. Brian was excellent,extremely patient when we seemed to have lost the ability to 'follow the clay and get in front',but as a result of his extreme patience and perseverance we mastered it. Our scores and confidence have increased and we are thoroughly enjoying the shooting. I fully intend to continue with ad hoc lessons and would recommend anyone interested in taking up shooting,to contact Brian to arrange some guidance and tuition.

    Kevin & Dawn,Huddersfield

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